Our Process

Our Process


Zoning, Building Analysis & Records

During zoning and building analysis, we discover what the law permits you to build. This phase will reveal the building’s current permittable use, if it has open violations, and if an architectural survey is required. If it is necessary, an additional fee is charged to procure existing plans and building data — less than a week.

Researching what is possible


Scoping requires that we discuss your long-term plans for the property. Together we will determine maximum potential, budget, timeline, and life changes or business growth that may impact the space in the future. You will receive a proposal upon completion of this phase. Please note:

You are responsible for all DOB or municipal fees.

Getting your big idea on paper


BOLT Architecture will provide three design options for your review. You will share your likes and dislikes, choosing one to develop further. The finalized plan will be submitted to the building department for their review, comments and/or approval.

This process could take up to 3-9 months before the construction commences. (Note: Additional fee(s) for Dept. of Finance, asbestos report, boring report, Special Inspection(s) and/or restrictive declarations may be applicable.)

4-10 weeks (plus an additional 3-9 months for building dept approval)

Turing your big idea into a plan

Interior Design

If requested, BOLT architects can assist you with selecting colors, finishes, furniture, lighting, tapestries, art placement, specialty ceilings and more! You will receive a Finish Schedule with recommended selections for your contractors to purchase and include in their fee agreement.

4-6 weeks

Assisting you with finish selections

Construction Management

We will visit your construction site on a predetermined basis to observe the construction progress made by the licensed and insured general contractor. We will ensure adherence to construction timeline and integrity to design. For an additional fee, we can review your contractors’ pay request and their data submittals.

Ensuring design integrity throughout the construction